Berkshire Phillimore Parish Records (Marriages) Volumes 01 & 02 on one CD

Marriage registers for both volumes of Phillimore's Berkshire parish record transcripts, compiled on one CD.

Bradfield 1559-1812, Buscot 1676-1812, Harwell 1559-1837, Kington Lisle 1560-1837, Purley 1662-1840, Sparsholt 1559-1812, Sulham 1723-1837, Wantage 1538-1837, West Hanney 1564-1837, West Hendred 1558-1837 and West Woodhay 1653-1812.

ISBN: 9781861500960

Parish Records on CD-ROMPublisher: S&N Genealogy Supplies

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